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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


“All creation start from destruction… You should start to apprecieate real craftsman instead of trying to offend them. Dwarfs keep grudges for long, you know?”


(Do we have our items on us from the crash or did we lose our item and needed to find them)


“And I’m just yanking yer chain. It was never meant as an attack on your person.”

“Apologies if that was the case.”


(we have our items)


After the few notes from earlier, he went to play the full music. It played with the same female voice and flute as the other one, curiously. This music had a less intensive tone and a more background-ish one. Was about storms.


“Hey recorder guy, my promise still stands. When we will be through this, I will make you a new instrument wich won’t have to be repaired after tiny airship crashes like that one.”


He looked at you with opened, brightened up eyes and hold their hands close to their chest, not saying anything. He was legitimately content and a little surprised by that.


“You are paying for mats tho”


He hold his pouch in a symbol to agreement.



He made the sound of money falling against money as well.


Beruk tilts their head in befuddlement. This isn’t quite making sense to them.


He hugs the instrument, though.
@eevee I’m assuming your character looked the lute with caution? If then, they would notice that at the lateral is written the same rune he has at the back of their hand.
Also had a phrase next to it. But it was in frigging elfic.


(Wants to reaaad that)


(Know elfic? You could make a reading action)


(Just to make sure, you mean Elvish right)


(My character is member of artisan guild, they know theirs stuff. He seems not bothered much, cause all that matters can be recreated and all feelinga are useless, cause mechanica and money is all that matter)




(Watch Elfric & Elvish not be the same thing)


(dammit pug why won’t you move the plot forward)