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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


“Supposing that I would in the first place was your greatest leap in logic I’ve seen. Such an intellectual wouldn’t make such brazen miscalculations, right?”


He replies with a “Yes” using your voice and shrugs again
“Can I look at your instrument?” He repeated, using Falgrin’s voice.


“You know, in mouth of someone else then smith “Can I look at your instrument” sounds… wrong.”



Beruk takes a slightly defensive response to the question, with a trace of disgust “That is the one thing I will never allow anybody to touch under any circumstances. In other words, hell no.”


“So let me get this straight. You broke their lute, fixed it, then got paid for your efforts. Is that correct?”


(what’s your instrument btw)


(homebrewed banjo \o/)


Loki shows a little louder laugh
“So we’ve got a con artist with us, I love it! The only guy that I can tolerate!”


(I like that noone actualy have read the conversation above and are assuming stuff, lul)


“The only person you can relate to is a sham. Nice.” Beruk chuckles


(my character spaced out for the entire conversation, so they’re just going off of second hand info)


(it’s perfectly dot-by-dot second hand info reeee)


(you can’t copy actions. so it’s not really that perfect :^) )

(also I may have just guessed what was happening with little regard for the interpersonal interactions)


(I mean then person who is giving you second-hand info is wrong and didn’t read. /shrug)


(It’s not only second hand info
It’s a fucking recorder
No way my charater spreads misinformation)


(can we not flood the rp thread with ooc talk?)


He remarked how the lute sounded before being fixed, and how the lute sounded after it happened.


(I mean it is disinformation, since he broke it to fix what was broken inside, then merged it abck to whole. So he basicly fixed something wich normal person couldn’t reach. That’s not a scam)


“Of course, of course.”


He then played some notes again, perceptibly the start of another music he did not went through.