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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


Rielle looks puzzled in response to the question.

“Uhm… Honestly, I don’t know… I just feel a need to go.”


Again, with Unnok’s voice
“Oh, okay! Hello Rielle!”


“So… you can only speak lines that others have spoken, can’t you…?”


“Does that make sense to you?” With Beruk’s voice, while he was sighing.


“I’ll take that as a yes.”


“Oh, them? They’re alright. They can repeat what you say, strangely enough.
They can also copy tone of voice. That’s the strange part”
He imitated Beruk


Rielle begins to ponder as she realizes that there are so many kinds of people that shes never met before.

“This is already better than that place…”


“The map tells us to go northwest to get to our destination.”, he imitated Beruk’s voice with affirmation.
Apparently, he really liked imitating Beruk.


“Do you even have your own voice to use? That way the chance of me having nightmares about you will be lowered at least slightly.”


“I’m quite sorry”, it seemed as if a frustrated Rielle said, “No”, and the voiceline ended with the cautelous voice of the unknown old man.


“Alright, I believe I can say this for everyone, your verbal usage of previous statements creeps some of us out. So, please use my voice over others.”

Rielle is conflicted.


“Too bad I can’t do that with most”, he repeated Loki’s voice, intentionally, while slightly shruging.


He then looked to @PoisonedSquid , normally would ask Beruk but he has been quiet for quite a time.
“Um… what we do now?”, he repeated Unnok’s voice.


While the group was doing whatever they were planning on doing, Beruk found himself lost in a trance of some sort. A daydream of some kind. But in reality, it was no dream. Only blistering nightmare.

A land torn asunder by a king with no name, face, nor soul. It was a puppet to some greater power, one that saw their deaths. The fire raged on with a never yielding rage. It was laid bare before him, and he could do nothing to save them from their fate.

It all made sense now, and he stirred from his semi-conscious state.

Beruk eyes the bird “Have we reached our destination?”


“Not until 3 in the afternoon.” He repeats using Loki’s voice. He didn’t had idea which time it was either.


He mutters some sort of insult before glancing in another direction for a moment, before crossing his arms in an attempt to look natural. He then asks “In any case, I’ve been…staring off into the heavens. What transpired here since then?”


He proceeds to recall every single conversation there was, recounting the entire piece of dialogue and timeskipping some partes where the group walked silent.


“Really? Falgin did that to you?” Beruk snorts “Can’t say I’m surprised.”


“Does that mean that you’ll treat me more nicely, ‘Leader’?”


"I did what? Fix his lute? Well, yes, yes I did.

Take money for my job? Yes, yes I did.

Am I happy about it? Yes, yes I am."