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D&D Game Thread - Pug GM


You have are currently on an airship over the place you are supposed to go.

All seems to be going fine and you have a great supply of food and stuff like that BUT then a Wyvern had attacked your plane and you have crashed on your land.

you are now on a plateau. you can go in any direction you want.


  1. Loki (PoisonedSquid) - Feral Tiefling Rogue 1
  2. Unnok (BlueStorm) - Goliath Barbarian 1
  3. A Gentle Whistle (Mercenary) - Kenku Bard 1
  4. Brian (Hjasik) - Human Druid 1
  5. Rielle (Marg) - Aasimar Paladin 1
  6. Beruk (Geyde) - Half-Orc Bard 1
  7. Armus (Blizer) - Devils Tongue Tiefling Paladin 1
  8. Falgin (eevee) - Half-Dwarf Artificer 1

D&D 5e - Place bets on when this will be cancelled [CREATION THREAD]

I look back at my team of strangers, waiting for the buffy ones - or anyone else - to make a decision.


Loki looks unamused as he lies on the ground looking at one of his arms with his most likely stolen bracelets
“Is there a town near by or something? This place doesn’t have anything eye-catching.”


Looking around at the serious lack of decisiveness, Beruk plops down on the ground. “Hey, whateveryournameis. Do you have any idea of where we are going?” @Mercenary


He looked to the bard and opened his beak to answer with a “No, don’t do it!”
By surprise, his voice sounded much older than he was. It was the same tone of someone rapidly alerting, but trying to remain at a calm state.




He tilted his head to the side and replicated exactly your time voice.
“Do you have any idea of where we are going?”


“See, I was never gifted with a perfect sense of direction. I would ask the only other non-corpse here but they are fondling that bracelet of theirs. So I won’t.”

Beruk points at the sky, possibly in an attempt to look like they know what they are doing.

“However, we were given an assignment. If I were you, I’d get to that. My plan is to salvage what remains of this trainwreck to see if I can find somebody with a grain of knowledge on that.”

(@Pug you mentioned we had a destination. Do we know exactly where that is)



Beruk ‘rummages’ around the crash site to look for the captain.


He turns his head towards Beruk and pretends to be offended along with an obvious created tone
“Oh pardon me, these bracelets from Grunpar tell me everything I need to hear. Unfortunately for you, only experts can understand their words.”


The raven looks quietly to what Beruk is doing, and imitates the rummages.


With a subtly sarcastic tone (probably wouldn’t be able to tell that it is sarcasm) “If I’ve offended you, sorry. I will attempt to make reparations for the grievous wound I’ve inflicted upon your precious expertise.”

Rolling his eyes, he speaks with deadpan “So if you could grace us with your boundless knowledge that would be utterly praised as the greatest thing since the invention of simple logic, I would love it.”


Beruk climbs atop some rubble to deliver a non-empassioned sermon “In other words, I’m taking control of this trainwreck.”


He looked to the two, in an attempt to stop the useless fight making the loud noise of a scared cat.


“Whatever you say, ‘Boss’.”
He uses air quotes to empathize the word boss


“Why thanks for your patronage, it’s much appreciated.” he forcefully snorts.


Armus, Clutching his head, steps out of the rubble of the once functional Airship

“Not the first time ive been knocked out like that, it gets some time getting used to it”

He looks over to the Two Bards, and Rogue, and overhears the conversation

Armus muttering to himself;

“Atleast im not the only one that survived.”


wakes up

Tf happened?




Loki slowly gets himself up from the ground and adjusts his gear
“A giant bird jammed our ship. Nothing else to it really.”