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D&D 5e - Place bets on when this will be cancelled [CREATION THREAD]


what if I am young


this is why I never really want to join forum games.

my activity is shit and I cant bring myself to do well in them.


What if you do tradictional games where people reunite in a platform they can’t be online all the time (ie Roll20)? So you would only DM when you had time to.


read above that old man comment


this has sorta turned into vent shit from me.

so I’m going to go there to explain more.


there isn’t any problem with that if you feel comfortable venting :hugs:


Don’t you expose me like that


to be continued



Plus I think Pug has enforced internet issues which would have an impact on hosting effectively

But anyway /pre-in to whichever DnD session pops up here next



even tho it was set up incorrectly




I’m pretty pretty sad because I wanted to write at least once in the game to be accused of ripping a book’s page off


Wait, how does that work?




Kenkus have three curses:

The Curse of Grounding

“The kenku’s beloved wings withered and fell away from their bodies, leaving them bound to the earth.”

The Curse of Plagiarism

“The spark of creativity was torn from their souls.”

The Curse of Mimicry

“Their master took away their voices.”





I wanted the plagiarism thing to be discovered subtly (ie not being able just to connect words to talk or being completly incapable of writing something original or playing random notes)


but tbh the first thing he would do at the morning was to write it somewhere to show you since you asked if he was always this way


So every single one of the curses are applied?