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D&D 5e - Place bets on when this will be cancelled [CREATION THREAD]


ashe is going to ban me in the future monkaS




if you want every npc to be sans. sure


it’s not dead if you don’t want to pugggggggggggg


pug why


because today was a shitshow.


don’t worry I would never do that :^)
or would I :^)


I cant deal with my crippling mental health and a d&d session that I cant keep up with my own players


wait what happened


top 10 anime betrayals


top 10 overused jokes

but hey i use sans jokes so i cant joke


hey you don’t have to be overactive
maybe it was just a bad time when to release the campaign
you could just freeze it and get it back after a week or something


I just cant really keep up with my players.


I need to at least be there to start shit.


it’s just a shame because you want more but I cant bring myself to meet demands.


even if I have fun with it.


my lack of motivation in life still really shows here


here eat a candy


I mean. I dont like candy tho


also I cant just accept candy from a random old man