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D&D 5e - Place bets on when this will be cancelled [CREATION THREAD]


@Pug you’re welcome for the idea




roblox DnD


That’s less cringy than a Fortnite DnD game surprisingly


No it isn’t


Your cringe meter is broken


At least Fortnite has a grim lore implications that you can make a good campaign from


Danganronpa has a crap ton of lore to it, heck, even more than Fortnite


Yes but use some foresight and predict how that’s going to go down

It’ll turn into 6 people screeching at each other doing nothing but fan service and would use approximately zero of the interesting dnd mechanics


honestly let’s just play hoard of the dragon queen
no seriously my dream is to play HotDG + RoT with the same character


I don’t want to host a fortnite d&d




like you have choice


I do have choice eedyot


But the default dance


ok yeah.

you sold me but I’m not hosting


@discobot roll 1d2


:game_die: 2


I loved my character/Beruk/Loki so I’m really sad this died


Ashe is working on something
Probably :^)