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D&D 5e - Place bets on when this will be cancelled [CREATION THREAD]


Loki doesn’t have much to him, to be honest, he used to be a prankster which made him lose friends and he started stealing shit as he grew older. He had to run away from his home to not get caught by the law who was getting suspicious of him


I didn’t actually make a backstory for Beruk.


He didn’t even have anything down for background


Falgrin was a guild artisan who traveled to find new inspiration for his greatest work of his liffe.

He didn’t even know what this work will be to begin with tho…


My unnamed birb was a servant/slave to a wizard and his bard apprentice until they noticed the thing was sentient and not merely a parrot
He used to steal small shit from them so he went klepto-y


dammit Reynauld


To pick small things up without being seen, ranging from food to magical crystals due to curiosity, giving back all non-consumables one not for their absence to be felt.


Impressive haul! If you value such things.


brb whilst I make a Warlock that’s just the Ancestor


use the great old one
do it.




To be honest, I wouldn’t mind making a Warlock myself (Course, I may want to make them evil >:))



Pair with my Paladin/Warlock
We will do great together son


Making good people then having them turn evil over the course of the campaign is the best imo.


Not using alignment system >>>


That’s my favorite kind of development which is one of the reasons why I like ToL, to make lore of that happening


Alignments aren’t that fun to work with


Speaking of which…
@Marluxion Your post reached 30 likes, you know what to do


And 5e cut their alignment dependance of mechanics
At this point they are just fillers