CW should not AID killers

Empower is not an investigative ability. So why does it give AIDED! feedback when someone attacks, even if the empower did NOT actually affect anything?

I understand giving the CW aided! feedback on someone who attacks someone who was healed, because the empower actually aided them into bypassing the heal.

But if no heal is involved then it turns empower into a purely investigative ability.


how about not telling them aided at all

While that would be ideal for FoL. Having the feedback is important for the classes enjoyment in ToL.

That being said OP is still right and the aided message shouldn’t proc if the Killer isn’t actually aided.

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It should proc if the aid makes an impact, regardless of class, and it should not proc if it doesn’t. Simple.

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This would make CW utterly useless no thanks

You mean when aiding scum? Yes. You weren’t suppose to be aiding scum anyway lmao

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Honestly, I think cw is fine as it is.

CW has a mechanical impact. No need for an investigative one.