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[CW Rework] by Anglasut


The Court Wizard

Blue Dragon: Unique


  1. Respect your elders: Whoever kills you at night, or votes you first for a successful execution, wont be able to vote the next day. (Like a reaper chill)

Day Abilities:

  1. Empower Runes (2 Uses): You will be immune to occupation and target changing tonight.

Night Abilities:

  1. Rune of Power (Unlimited Uses): Protect a player from negative effects (except death), cant be used on the same target 2 nights in a row.

  2. Rewind Time (2 uses): Warp time arround a player, whatever happens to them that night will be delayed until the NEXT night.*

*Some tips about the skill:

The selected player will NOT be notified.
If the target is attacked N1, but is not healed, wont be healeable N2 and will die.
If he is healed N1 and attacked N2, he will be healed.

EDIT: Forgot to change it sooner, hope I still make it in time.

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Court Wizard Contest
Court Wizard Contest

Does it prevent death if it does

We don’t need another doctor D:


It could, it can only be used once on each player, so you cant spam it on someone.
I just gave very basic ideas, balancing is not my thing.


Oh didn’t see that.

I would probably let it protect death execept from reaper, cause that (somone told me today) bypassss healing


I think that reaper is the strongest NK, so nope, it stops reap too. (Reap cant be healed already, and this is a 1 use only skill)


I beg your pardon Sorc wins the most


NK are UP


In my 300h ive seen like 2 sorcs win, 3-4 poss and arround 10 reaper wins.


They happen more than you would think. However most of them aren’t particularly noticeable because they are not a solo win.


Well then don’t nerf reaper


Reaper manipulates voting by reaping and chilling, thats what imo making him the strongets Nk lategame, sorc gets either exed during the day or sniped by Inq.
Reap cant be healed, and can be empowered.


Sorc has highest winrate


As I said, im talking about my games, where can you see those stats tho? Id love to check class winrates


He got them from me. I got them from boslof.


Yep :smiley:


I love the ability rewind time :o


That idea is what brought me here, Id love to see it implemented tbh


I like this a lot


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