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Custom mode (Private for now)


Custom mode.
-All classes have toggles, Unique toggle and a convert toggle, Neutrals and Prince cannot be changed with conversions, classes like Nk, Scorned, Sellsword can be Un-Uniqie (Inquisitor can’t)
-Amount of same Blue dragon or Neutrals
-Toggle on King spawn rate, can spawn psycho and Neutral Kings, changing guards amount.
-Toggle Night Immunity or one hit Ilmommunity.
-Toggle on Royal blood Passives, give classes Royal blood.
-Toggle for classes not to spawn.
-Day ability Toggle, can remove, have unlimited uses or keep the same.
-Toggle on what class list you will create, you may have Cult and Unseen.

Extra Notes:
-Paladin, Converts into Templar, which will be the same as Marshal for now or at least own class.




Noticed the lack of activity.

Feels bad man.