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Cult Leader as Maid starting match feels unfair


While this is an extremely EXTREMELY rare situation that nearly never happens, can we consider removing CL from possibly being the starting match for Maid?

Let me explain myself: I’ve had games where I am the CL, or someone else is, and they get jailed night 1, AND also happen to be the starting match for a Maid. So what happens when the maid matches with someone that is either proven Royal (When I’ve already claimed Paladin to Prince for example) and/or they’ve otherwise proven the fact they are BD.The Cult Leader will automatically get killed during the day for sure now without any chance of fighting back, no converts, no kills, nothing. The starting CL has just died a miserable death they could’ve not even tried to wit themselves out of, no matter how good the player. It feels cheap and unfair as there is nothing you could do about it. Hell, the only way to survive such a situation is to pray to RNG that if by luck you get a starting Apostle or there is a Scorned in the game that JUST so happens to by some pure luck Mind Warp the Maid or Frame the Maids matching target. The fact Maid can with this play around the CL being jailed by luck night 1 defeats the point of the jails downsides of not letting others interact with the one imprisoned. Spawning as the starting match is literally the only problem here and if it was made so that CL can never be starting match, it’d not have too much larger impact, especially considering how weak Cult sometimes feels to begin with despite the disposable CL. Even if that causes the fact that a Maid can deduce "If my starting match is 15, they cannot be CL, but I don’t think that’d be too much of a downside since it could still always be any other BD, Neut or the starting Secondary Cult. And with classes like Paladin, well, you’re not able to target the jailed CL if they’re jailed lol.

The reason it’s not as much an issue for the Unseen is obviously the fact MM is invisible for the first 3 nights and cannot get screwed over as such so I don’t see a reason for the interaction to be removed on their part. It just sucks to be screwed over by pure luck without even being able to play our outsmart the court for even a day, just an automated death day 2.

Thanks for any feedback of feedback in case this sounds like a ridiculous change suggestion.


I agree that RNG is not a good look on the Maid and not a necessity either. Tagging on exceptions to this RNG match is more of a bandaid solution that doesn’t make the game a lot easier to understand. It also gives the Maid some extra immediate information that their starting match could never be CL.

A more unfair pairing is actually the Neutral Killer for instance. In your case you can still buy a day for your faction if you get the Maid lynched (although that would inevitably get you jailed), since they are not confirmed either and Scorned exists. The issue is also maybe over inflated, since it does not differ too much from for instance a n1 Paladin check.

This is something I would suggest:

The Maid

Blue Dragon Investigative
Ancestry Analysis (Day) - Check if target player has Royal Blood. Results will be given start of night. - 2 uses
Matchmake (Night) - Test if target is compatible with the player you last checked with Matchmake. - Infinite Uses
One True Pairing (Night) - Target two players and check to see if they are compatible. - 2 uses
Your objective is to defeat the Unseen or Cult, and any neutrals that seek to do you harm.

The royal blood check is a buff from getting rid of the random starting matchmake target and simultaneously synergizes with Maid possibly getting messed up by royals. The OTP (I can’t make up names for the life of me) is a stronger more flexible compatibility check and limited as a result, since nosy servants was massively underpowered and doesn’t fit a Parity Cop’s theme.


/support, but maybe the name for One True Pairing could be Nosy servants instead?