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Cult in the Jungle Republic Four - It's Canned Yo


okay yeah its my phone. great.

fixed it


Should I just join in hopes of getting vig to shoot every maf by d4


Just give Ashe an offer she cannot refuse.


gets killed n1 since mafia is scared if I RNG’d it


never did this so /join


@Margaret join or you wont have a left small toe anymore


not the toe!




@Solic wisheth you to join? Or art thou busy?





I’ll think about it if it doesn’t fill. I enjoy multiball less lately, because of the inevitable kingmaking involved in what faction targets what faction.

Also I replaced out of the last one, so I feel bad


You’ve been playing lately :thinking:? (or are you just referencing EW?)


No, I’m referencing all multiballs I’ve ever played. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh fine /join


dont worry if you roll cit we won’t accuse you of gamethrowing :^) any more than usual




but you never /inned in the first place