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Cult in the Jungle Republic Four - It's Canned Yo


It’s a December you can join now.


Uh fuck

Idk I’d I want in or not

I am absolutely trash at competitive games


I got your back


dew it


Just try and lead town

Did you see that one time in mountainous I townlead and choked at the last second :weary:

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Implying there is anybody who is good at this. :thonk:

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One other thing

It’s Competetive* :^)


The trick is to act like you are good when in reality you suck

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But you are rly good Litten!


no I’m “good” cause someone said I’m good

You get out into the world and realize you are actually trash


Wow, somebody actually get it. Good shit :clap:

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I put that into practice with Triangle Marathon

Passed with flying colors :clap:


Damn y’all want me to in so



Current Voters i guess idk

Accused Voters Count
player player X/10

@Alice gom plae competetive


|Marl|The Plague|99/8|

Accused Voters Count
Marl The Plague 99/8


Check your settings


It’s not the site fault it’s probably your devices tbh