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Cult Alts - still necessary?


In short, rn the Apostle is kind of busted as each Apostle can essentially give the Cult two more votes via Sponsor and Pull Rank. Having a starting EK only added to that broken mess.



Imagine if there was 3 apostles


2 would be enough, unless Sponsor+Pull Rank allows for triple voting.


3 apostles
1 warlock
1 sellsword
1 CL



That’s 11 votes


14 votes. You miscounted.


14 seems balanced


Cult Alts are fun though, just nerf then.

They don’t need to be taken away.


Noble will be losing both pull rank and sponsor




What are you giving it instead


The only problem that match was that each Noble!Apostle meant that the Cult had two more free votes. This added to the fact that we had 2 scumsiding neuts and an EK made the game a landslide for the Cult.


Still planning a replacement for Sponsor, but imo Pull Rank should just silently add another vote for execution / pardon. (Not announced unless it makes a difference in the outcome so it’s hard to prove)


Seriously, we managed to quicklynch the revived Prince with only 2 BD dead. How is that not broken?


Marl you do know that pull rank is useless then right?
If you don’t have enough people to put someone on trial you probably lost


But it’s better than no day ability at all


Blue Dragon will usually have disagreements
Trials can be close, even though they usually aren’t