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Cult Alts - still necessary?


But fun is the end goal, while being as balanced as possible


I have a good plan to simplify and pseudo nerf cult alts but it’ll take me a while to get everything down


A) cult alts should be picked immediately upon conversion
so if the converted player doesn’t pick new abilities by the end of the day they should receive a random valid set

B) the whole architecture around cult points can be heavily simplified so it’s easier for everyone to understand


You could maybe disable all cult powers except for cult leader if there are 4 members


that’s unnecessary
the problem with that game was the ability to doublevote
which is an inherent problem with the noble
a change to that and pull rank should help quite a bit


Cult effectively had 9 votes that day due to Apostle + Maximus giving Orange more votes + Noz + Evil King

that shouldn’t happen
they’d be 1 short of majority even with evil king if they couldn’t gain votes


If Insanity had sponsored Tw1light instead of bountying mole they’d have 10 votes day 4


Insanity was not hhed?


He was, i was just proposing what if scenarios


ironically if you had left your happy hour on orange noz would have died


Still wouldnt have mattered tho




Do you have already a replacement in mind for one of the Noble’s abilities that gives additional vote?




Honestly vote boosting powers are icky because they are confirmable too easily. Give it gossip.


Marl was going to make sponsor silent and function only when necessary like pull rank

I still don’t get pull rank and never will!


I like cult alts as you are dragging something from your original class to the cult.

Change my mind but I overall like this as generic cult classes are boring.

Also why would we remove something that works well. I mean we could nerf the uses on all abilities but still, it’s a nice feature


removing shit is always a last resort


I think maybe changng unlimited use abilities to 3/4 would be a fair nerf


The most egregious aspect of that match was the Cult gaining majority despite having only a single mislynch the entire game, though. Scum effectively having three doublevoters from the start, as in Pull Rank, Sponsor, and a starting Devout King put the game in a state of MyLo ridiculously early.