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Cult Alts - still necessary?


@NuclearBurrito made a post recently that made me realize something:

Cult Alts are really a relic of a bygone era.

Back when Cult Alts and Cult Points were implemented, there was a lot of feedback in FoL. This caused the Cult to be wildly underpowered, as without the night abilities of their claim almost every convert was instantly outed.

Nowadays though? We’ve dropped feedback considerably, so this is a lot less true now.

So, I was wondering - do we think the point may come when we retire Cult Alts? After all, the whole point of the Cult is to have more but weaker members, like a Cult in FM, while the Unseen has less but stronger members, acting like a Mafia in FM. Cult Alts, while entirely necessary at the time, do bridge this gap considerably.

Maybe we’ll figure something out someday and drop Cult Alts entirely. Who knows?


If we do we would (obviously) need to buff the base cult classes a lot


Yeah for sure, but I’d imagine that would take place after ToL itself does that first.


Cult Alts are fun tho


fun =/= balance


I get that, but it makes the Cult way more similar to the Unseen than I’d otherwise like.


It’s not unbalanced with it though.


We would need to seriously buff cult classes then by A LOT.


@Icibalus begs to differ


hes a bagel his opinion doesn’t matter




Gib FoL apostle Cult spy ez clap


Even with Cult alts, Cult classes are weaker than Unseen classes. At the very least. Cult classes have shorter shelf life.


As long as Cult Alts is one of the best mechanics that were implemented to FoL, it depends on suggested alternatives.
Mastermind is still objectively worse than Cult Leader and it is way harder as Unseen to recover from damage that brings MM getting executed D4 and forward.


For those who are out of the loop, check the newbie FoL thread:

The Cult have majority because of Noble Cult Alt.

And there is 16 players alive.


True Balance is more fun than lolbalance


I dont feel this was a cult alt problem. It was a starting devout King and bd being bad and mod errors


so basically an ici game


A butler occupied their killer but died. You tell me


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