Crusader [BD Killer] and Zealot [Unseen Offensive]

The Crusader
BD Killer

God Fearing: If you kill a Blue Dragon player with any of your abilities, you will suicide.

Bulwark of Faith (1 use): Grant your target Death Immunity tonight. Can target self.

Stunning Blow (3 use): Occupy a player. If they would attack someone tonight, attack them.
Zealous Accusation (2 use): Target 2 players. If they are different factions, attack them both. Bypasses frames and tailors.

The Zealot
Unseen Offensive

Zealous Vigil: All attackers targeting the Unseen are occupied. If you occupy someone with this, you will also be occupied.


Sentence (3 use): Occupy target player and everyone targeting them.
Righteous Fury (1 use): Kill everyone visiting you tonight and yourself. You will be unhealable.

Wouldn’t this always kill you?

+heals, delays, other forms of immunity, Neutrals.


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Suicide usually bypasses death immunity or heals see knight


So the thing you have to do is go back and change into the right topic.

This one would only ping on actually successful kill, not on harm done.

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Delete all these posts


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I am totally not basing this character on Reynauld, no no. :smile:

it’s time for a crusade

@Kape Answer the question?

I did?

I think they were getting at it being more of “Unless neither are BD, you’ll die”

And what kind of suicide is this? Is it Coldsteel suicide where you die that night? Or is it butler suicide?

Cold Steel suicide.

And doesn’t suicide always kill you, even if you are given death immunity?

You can give the BD death immunity.

What about the 2nd use of the ability?