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Criticize the player above you on how to improve their play in forum mafia


I’ll go first

The Blank needs to get better at blank


Fire has a lot of enthusiasm, but really needs to try more playstyles and figure out if he can reduce his postcount without reducing his effectiveness. It is not always condusive to talk so much you essentially clog the thread.

However, people do need to call him out on this too, as he is able to use it as scum to make discussions happen on his terms by virtue of having all of the posts.

I think trying to force himself into playing a few games writing few posts but making walls, just sitting back an observing, could go a long ways to giving him a new perspective on the game.


Orange actually needs to try more playstyles. And not in same way as he said it about Fire.
It’s just that number of tricks up his sleeve is just not enough to surprise me anymore.

His playstyle definetly needs more activity and not in post numbers, but in actual planing what he wants to do in the game. Reading and catching scum is not everything. You can win the game without doing this, and that’s what he needs to learn.

Also, I’m thinking that if he had more time, he would be very good player in setup solving in mashes.

But yeah, time is another issue. I don’t think he has enough of it to reread key posts wich were made earlier in the game or to play mashes.


it used to be that your name had a capital E that messed up the symmetry and that kinda irked me but its good now.

eevee: That’s a lie, I always had lowercase eevee name. I even wrote it like that to troll people who wrote it from capital letter.


You need to play more forum mafia

Maybe slide into Geydu’s new gamemode if you care to

12345th Poster gets a cookie

You need to play forum mafia


H_Hjasik seems to be rather complicated with his strategy and it ends up breaking the game

12345th Poster gets a cookie

Don’t claim if you’re not in danger of being lynched. Also most of the time, when someone claims a redcheck on, deny it even if it is real. (Dont be like me, it never works)


Your main problem is the fact that people have to ping you early game for you to do anything, you can argue that you are more of an end game person but that is basically saying “Oh wow let me guess who is scum” because you weren’t in the game at all or even making reads. You need to talk more as well.

Overall you basically have no game to criticize because it’s basically true you do nothing and you need to do something


Main point wich I pointed out before is you as scum not stopping your push after player that did a towny thing

As town I noticed that you forgot to recheck your townread sometimes

Overlall you tend to make mistakes when you act on impulses not giving second thought before posting



Hjasik fundamentally is a player I’d say has negative WiM, where they are definitely active but their presence directly hurts town due to their reliance on self-meta to clear themselves as town, and as scum…we’ve all seen that.

The problem with their play as scum is how quickly they drop their pushes and end up just fence sitting. I’d describe Merc’s rolemadness game where they tried pushing me but their reasoning did not hold up. Do not rely on meta reads when figuring out how someone plays. You have done this again and again and it rarely works on players that are either improving or have improved their play style. At least don’t use that as your central reasoning for either townreading or scumreading a player. It makes your pushes look worse.

So from this…

As town:

  • Don’t rely on self-meta. It makes players unlikely to work with you.
  • Don’t rely so heavily on meta reads for every player. It may cause misreads against proficient players.
  • Don’t be toxic. Being obnoxious just makes your voice less likely to be heard.

As scum:

  • Although you are improving, activity is still a real problem.
  • Don’t force reads / pushes. It looks bad and will probably get you hung.

  • Aditionally, don’t do anti-townie things due to offgame reasons.