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Create Your Own Class with "Class Slate" PSD Template!


:art: Want to make your own ToL class [for fun]?

Introducing the Class Card Slate - a layered Photoshop PSD file where you can easily template up your own class for fun and to share with others!

Even the font files are inside. All the faction icons/types are in there, too! Just toggle which icon you want to show. Don’t want so many abilities? Just hide the layer folder, np. All the colors we use are there - use the eyedropper to get the exact color to match.

:bulb: Share your ideas in #lore

:robot: Type ?slate anytime in Discord #bot-spam for a link to

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[Class Slate] Squire and Page (Credit Boopydoop)

Deja vu
I have been in this place before,


The only thing that is missing is the amount of uses the abilities have.


I made two more classes that I wish would be added in but have been confirmed to not be added in.

Credit to @Jazz

Source of Art. (I don’t know who created it.)


This is super cool! Why in the world would it not be added in? Nevermind, they brought back Allies and gave Alch 4 abilities after saying that wouldn’t be done so there is still hope :grinning:

Would also be cool if King were to choose the class the Squire becomes.


it wouldn’t as squire would be confirmable
(sorry for bump. I meant to send this months ago)