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Court Wizard Enchanter Rework


Make it unable to target a player twice in a row.




don’t make it at all


That doesn’t make any sense


Target player A -> B

Following night:

Target player B -> A


Target player A -> B

Following night:

Target player A -> C

This will not work


bad geyde stop trying to get the cookie


That M.O is completely inapplicable to my pursuits.

I strive for horribly stupid design that is only interesting when viewed at from a completely drunken/tired state.

Think something along the lines of [insert x terrible sitcom]


Is this a fair prognosis?

D ----> of course it is


This is both wrong and misses the point


It is understood.


It is wrong




Bus Driver here
I’m causing some tornado’s.


It’s not a Bus Driver they got converted!
they are now a White Van Driver

omg hang em.


“No wait! I painted it yellow!”


bump cuz the more I think about it the more important I think this or something like this is