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Court Wizard Enchanter Rework


Sage Class card coming soon.


Sage class card is here!


Seems good, though it should be a new class.


Someone else thought that too obviously. I consider it sufficiently similar


Sage Class card will be changed soon Nuclear made a error while making the sage suggestion.

it will be fixed soonish


Fun fact. This class interacts perfectly consistently with your priest suggestion. Since your priest copies the passives it means it will apply conversion immunity always


They’re similar but serve different purposes. They are like Frenzy and Protection. Both can “protect” the assassin, but Protection’s purpose is preventing people from visiting the assassin while frenzy deals with the player the assassin is targeting.


Think about it. Here is the CW’s effects:

Occupy/redirection immunity
Death immunity
Conversion immunity
Result Tampering
Heal bypass

Of those, 3 of them are on this class. Result tampering doesn’t translate well and doesn’t actually trigger in a lot of situations (and if required it could be worked into purity) and Heal bypass is negative utility


Combine that with the fact that the immunity bypass rework means that being able to grant occupy immunity is more important


I really like the Whirlwind ability, it should make it into the game somehow!


Wait but it’s just renamed sage tornado




Tornado redirects players visiting either target, but Whirlwind only redirects players visiting one target.


  • Visitors to X are redirected to Y
  • Visitors to Y are redirected to X


  • Visitors to X are redirected to Y


No it doesn’t. The picture has a typo


Whirlwind is super powerful

nuke fix


funny enough

One way bus driver is a better two way bus driver


I want a one way bus driver now



no cookie for you


: (


Prince outs.
1 way bus.
What do?