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Court Wizard Enchanter Rework


I wonder how many complaints @RHCube will have with it. Any bets?


Honestly I expect at least 3


Also I’m realizing we need to look at Sorcerer’s passive to handle ability’s like these


What’s the passive? Wouldn’t they just not attack the death immune person




That’s the problem




I don’t get the problem


The Ice enchantment lasts until they are attacked. Sorcerer can’t attack someone with an ice enchantment.

Wait she can just bomb them. NVM


wait I just realized the problem


oh god


I thought the gimmick was you couldn’t see it


Doesn’t change the fact that it has to exist


Just added this clause to the second passive. I just realized I missed it



can bosolf add this

I’m in love with this court wizard


Ask Armae. Their in charge now


Nuke after you, its only acceptable since you made this class.

not getting smited today


Wait does Ellie actually help with updates or what?


Probably. But Armae is the one putting through the changes.

Honestly it would be good to wait until after the simplification is finished before truly pushing for this.


Ellie i’m pretty sure is just a coder now