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Court Wizard Enchanter Rework


From CW PoV:

Your Ice Enchantment on [x] Was triggered!
Your Fire Enchantment on [x] Was triggered!
Your Purity Enchantment on [x] was Triggered
You Enchanted [x] With [Channeled effect]

From target PoV

You were attacked but immune
Someone tried to occupy you but you are immune
Someone tried to redirect you but you are immune

Oh yeah I need to make an Unseen version. 1 sec


k so let’s remove all of this


Feedback really is only meant to actually let the court wizard know they are doing something, aka we don’t need the target knowing this


Also you are on thin ice messing with sage be warned


I added sage


Don’t worry. He can just make more ice


Nuke this is nice

much more simpler than the current CW


Very must good grammar


I gave up grammar just this time


The feedback on the target is the standard immunity feedback. Since immunity in general gives feedback (besides conversion immunity) that would apply to any temporary forms of it



I would rather make it a viable fake claim


It is. How often do you get attacked in a game


This isn’t any more or less confirmable than the current CW who has the same notifications


honestly this should both be unlimited imo



this makes sage more of a supportive class

me like


Not on Unseen. BD has lots of potential targets so having it be once per works. Unseen just has the assassin so it would be effectively permanent until the Sage dies


how about unlimited but can’t use it twice in a row



3 uses is fine


Also that is 6 nights of ability’s along with unlimited tornado’s


This would be More so a nerf tbh. It’s fine