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Court Wizard Enchanter Rework


no I’m firekitten tho


no u


No he’s not dead


I’m not dead. The person above you is dead and impersonating some guy called firekitten


But I’m not impersonating firekitten cause I am firekitten!


I thought he was impersonating Eve something something’s cat


That’s just what an impostor would say


That’s just what a person would say if they wanted to discredit firekitten tbh


No. He’s impersonating a cat that has been set on fire


That’s just what someone trying to discredit someone who saw through their disguise would say


That’s just what someone would say if they wanted to make people believe they saw through an imposter disguise when in reality they just wanted to discredit firekitten


I will beat you in the wordsmithing contest


stabs dead

Can’t argue with a knife


Theoretically how far could that conversation have went?


Forever. It was about to loop


Soooo… Class?


seems good

why can’t this be a separate class tho


Wait I realized the problem


Why can’t this be the new court wizard


Wait question, what notifications are there?