Court Wizard Contest Results

We’ll be basing our Court Wizard rework on the rework @methomps came up with, so he’ll be getting 10,000 gold. You can view his rework here, Just another CW rework.

The Official Rework

Court Wizard

  • Day Ability - Siphon (2 uses) – Gain protection the next two nights based on the target’s class type. Can’t target same player twice. You will not know what you get.
    Offensive / Special – CW will be occupation immune
    Killer / Support – CW will be death immune
    Social / Investigative – CW will be conversion immune

  • Day Ability - Mimic (2 uses) - Your next empower will give additional effects based on said target’s class type in addition to its normal effects. You will not know what you get.
    Offensive / Special – Empower target will be occupation immune
    Killer / Support – Empower target will be death immune
    Social / Investigative – Empower target will be conversion immune

  • Night Ability - Empower (unlimited uses) – Give a target a boost tonight based on the target’s class type. Will give additional feedback if it actually helps the player.
    Killer – Target will be death immune
    Offensive – Target’s abilities bypass occupation immunity
    Support – Target will be guaranteed to visit their intended target
    Social – Target will be conversion immune
    Investigative – Target’s abilities will return correct results regardless of counter abilities (frame, etc)
    Special - Nothing

  • Night Ability - Tornado (2 uses) - Swap players. Bypasses redirection immunity.

Some people may have concerns about the death immunity being granted to Prince, but it is pretty similar to Heal, the only difference is that it can’t heal poison/bleeding and forces the Reaper to use Gather Darkness. It may be an issue because there are more people protecting Prince, but that means no one else is getting protected. If it does become and issue, we will deal with it.

There is also the possibility of the CW empowering a Butler or Drunk to lock down the Cult Leader or Assassin. This can currently be done for 6 nights if someone occupies them for 3 nights then the Prince jails, but we will likely give those two classes the ability to commit suicide at night.

Special classes don’t get anything from Empower because the CW doesn’t need punished for not knowing who to target the first few nights of the match.

The empower for investigative will be more powerful after the Noble is reworked, which will happen before the CW rework and can be seen here, Official Noble Rework.


I more upset about that it can now confirm court wizards by empowering a butler to a drunk

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monkaSHAKE. Prince meta rises! :scream:


Sage should bypass redirection immunity since court wizard does it.

CW is now a confirmable protecting Investigator.

This rework is [Edited].

Not really. It only gives additional feedback if it actually helps. I mean… I’d prefer there to be less feedback overall in ToL but this fine.

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Can court wizard empower a butler so that it occupys the prince?

It only gives feedback to the CW and it doesn’t say how it helped. People want feedback, if there is no feedback for the ability, they would hate it more than the current CW.


Not atm

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ah so it just says"Your ability triggered"?

The new rework seems cool.

If you’re worried about things like the target being aware that they were occupy immune or death immune, then it is possible to make it so they aren’t even aware they were targeted by those abilities.


That would be preferable for me. Not sure about anyone else though.

This is the most problematic, especially in unseen games.
You targeted an invest claim and were occ immune?

MM have hidden occupy/redirection immunity AKA they wouldnt know he’s immune.

CW->siphon x, MM the Princess claim
Night Butler->CW OCC IMMUNE
Day :X MM!

Just so you know I like this. I think that the feedback is neccecary here, but there’s currently far too much feedback in ToL overall.

This requires a lot of coordination from BD and is basically a bonus for the class if played properly. It’s completely fine.


Okay NOW i get it. But still this is pretty rare scenario.

except when used for that.

I fine with cult leader getting caught.


Lilly you can’t choose two sides.

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