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Counter of How Many Times Orange Has Complained About Fool


Starting at 14:03 CST 1/26/18

Counter: 0

EDIT:You guys count, also how does this have 6 likes?




Noz should count Discord rant as well


The fuck, how does this have 8 likes


In FoL January Changes


This wasnt kept up to date well




66 billion


wow where’d @DinoMask go :sob:


it says on his profile “wherever the cool kids are”

the cool kids left long ago


Maybe I should follow them


I can personally attest to two of Orange’s fool rants.


Because you’re a scumfuck who afked


it won them the game though :thinking:


Well, glad i’m at least liked enough for someone to ask :3


Welcome back :smile:


Thanks, feeling very Appreciated. To answer your question though, life’s been getting in the way of my free time :confused:




Step 1: Notice town blindly lynches quiet people
Step 2: Go quiet
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Oh shit, you realize you aren’t a Fool this game


The real way to win as fool is to get Town read then aggressively try to kill the king to become mad king. If people suspect you claim an unique class so you can get hung. If you aren’t CC’d go for king aggressively again. If you become king try to put prince into trial or an important role and DF execute then win.