Could I start up an Unofficial Throne of Lies Tourney?

I’m just asking that. This topic can be closed after getting the necessary info on whether I can and where to do it.

There is already a tourney run by streamer OhGodAGuy that goes on every couple months or so. They have a decent setup on how the point structure works and have had relative success. Maybe look into that to see if its still something you want to pursue? I will say it definitely takes a lot to manage a tourney so you may be diving into something you don’t fully realize.

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2: I was simply asking if I could do it, and if so, where I could do it.

All tourneys this far have been unofficial. So the answer is yes.

What do you mean “where”?


Probably asking what other forums they could host it on.

Throne of lies is not hosted on forums.

I was actually thinking about doing it myself back in the day, but I never jumped on the opportunity. Since I did t have enough time

It requires some work. First pick a date. Just go on some offsite ToL discord servers and post a google forms Post where everyone puts in their time slot. Organize the people into groups of 16 or 15 (where you can be the 16th if there isn’t enough players in a game). Get some backups in case things go wrong. Do point values for every class and right some rules. Download some obs software and hook it up to YouTube / twitch and cast yourself. And then done. Rinse a repeat. Get the winners and do a finals round.

Where on the forums (if possible) could I host it?

Most likely General, as you are using Throne of Lies as the game for the tournament, yes?

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You could also post it in Discord @

Be sure to emphasize it’s unofficial in every line that includes the word tournament.

*If posting in Discord, please don’t publicly link to your own Discord (DM it, if you need to) to prevent a spam trigger.

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