Cop9 Images and Emojis only - Mafia

ur da mafia or something


i dont wanna be mafff

can i use gifs

and is there a n0


and yes

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Do we have to use images in here

Also hi @chloe

hi kyo pls carry me

at least my tone cant be ass if i use pictures and gifs

i say this now but kat will call me out

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no u dont ayaya

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Do you know how much carrying I have done the past few weeks
I have chronic back pain over here chloe

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i’ll get you some ibuprofen

keep goin’

who will be obvtown

imma go for a n0 on like

does the cop get a n0


oh god

yeah we’re fucked LMAO

We have a very high chance of being put to ML then LYLO 0 clears
Which is incredibly unoptimal

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We have a 25% chance of being put to
ML > LYLO 0 clear
And we can’t do anything about it
Oh dear
This is one time I didn’t want to rand mafia

@chloe if one of us dies here limit Cop PoE through their checks if they’re impossible then kill for PR

@chloe you need to shift wagons

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