Cookie turbo rip cookie

so we having a turbo to celebrate you honor.
Doc 9
2 mafia goons
6 vanilla tonws
1 doctor

5 min days
3 min nights

  1. Jane
  2. Marshal
  3. Katze
  4. Ami
  5. Merc
  6. TBE
  7. Gorta
  8. Cloned
  9. Sulit


Get in here.

If it’s GI, forcerand me noot pls kthxbye.

yall ok with like doc 9

Gonna assume no noots but sure.




cop9 is probably gamerer but doc9 is docfine

cop9 with n0 red

cop9 with n0 red but it’s always kat regardless of their role and the cop is actually a doctor

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i can do cop. I just felt it was more interesting to do non invest

up to you :man_shrugging:

Doc 9 it is

You could theoretically do a poll if you are really unsure, I guess.

u in?

No, I’m spectating.

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@Chloe @Arete @Amelia @Icibalus

Someone gib rolelist.

Also can Doc self-heal?