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[CONCEPT] Throne of Lies Ranked Gamemode


This is just a concept, if you dont like it, I would appreciate feedback on it

Ranked Gamemode

I will not be talking about the “Placement Matches” or “MMR Win/Loss” because thats pretty much the programming side of it and thats the devs job, not mine.

How gameplay changes in Ranked Mode

- Cult never spawns. The main reason behind this, is to not get sacrifaced during a Ranked Match.
- There is no Conversions. As Unseen always spawns, the new composition works like this:

1 King (Same Good-Evil Ratio)
1 Prince
2 Sheriffs
6 Random Blue Dragon, with at least 1 Healer (Physician or Chronomancer)
3 Unseen
1 Neutral Killer
2 Neutrals

Unseen changes during Ranked Mode

  • Assassin recieves no changes
  • There is a 3rd Unseen spawn with a random Unseen member
  • Mastermind loses both current night abilities, and wins another 2 supportive abilities. Mastermind keeps the Special/Investigative class pool.
  • The replacement system for Unseen works the same as normal

Mastermind New Abilities

Darkness: Make a Unseen member not suspicious tonight. 2 Uses
Empower: Make a Unseen member occupy and redirect immune tonight. 2 Uses

Explanation: Since the Mastermind does not convert anyone on this gamemode, he takes the “Support” side of the team. His job is to help the Assassin and the Random 3rd member to win the game. Mastermind does not lose any of the passives or day abilities

Neutrals, Neutral Killers, and others

  • All Neutral and Neutral Killers can spawn in this gamemode as normal.

Hope you like the concept, if you think it needs some changes, please let me know.


I’m telling you by removing conversion this game never works. Confirmabikity will make the game impossible to win for scum


also would remove a neutral and add another unseen


wipes forehead

Holy Jesus. What is that?
Corax says that’s a bad idea

Conversions are one of the core concepts of the game. That’s like taking out Sniper rifles in Modern FPS gaming.

  • Cool
  • Whaa
    -Ok no
    -Mean Mafia like?

Why does everyone get Dark Whisp nowadays

Cool, add a use/2 though

This basically changes mastermind to not be the mastermind. More like a pawn now.


I think something like this could work, although it would be a very different game without conversion, so much so that none of the strategies and metas from normal play would really work.

Side note, if competitive was ever implemented, I think elo/mmr should be calculated from the dynamic game-wide win-rate of the class you played as. Not perfect, but I think it’d be the most straightforward way to adapt to changing metas.


I promise you, a ranked mode like this would actually buff the Unseen. Give it a try in your mind.


I did already. I’m in class at school but I’ll tell you what happens if this is implemented


Every class would be so overpowered for example assassin gets killed by a knight defend and doesn’t even kill the knight like BG. Just imagine each clas interacting with this game mode
Then imagine mass claim


i can’t do more then that rn

@RHCube take over


Don’t worry I got this



Ok so first of all remember this. The Unseen is balanced around both A: Gaining members as you lose them. And B: 2 KPN

That first one makes the mastermind critical to the Unseen’s survival. The second puts a limitation on the how long the BD has before they lose, their ability’s work quickly and efficiently because the Scum are even faster.

Not to mention the effects conversion has on balance outside of the mathematical aspect. For example sheriff and court wizard have ability’s that only make sense given conversion. Not to mention that there is a difference between a Nightwatch and an Observer turned into a Nightwatch later. The observer is impossible to scumread early and is NS up to when he’s conversion.

And if you are trying to eliminate a player who is being protective then conversion is a viable plan B to bypass the protective’s.

So much of the game is balanced around Conversion. So if you remove it then whatever you are left with is NOT throne of lies


You are my hero