Conceding early

we had now quite a few games which were very unsatisfying for everyone because evils conceded very very early.
I’m mostly playing ToL, and there is Conceding considered as Gamethrowing and a punishable offense.
When I’m hosting FoL, I’m always like… “yes you can tell me that you want to concede, and I probably will use it in my decision when to force end the game, but there’s a good possibility I will just ignore it as host, or use it a bit later.”
What does lead to conceding, why is it allowed, and what can we do to make it misused less frequent?
Also… is there kinda a pressure to concede? Aka “hey you didn’t concede and made this game go on forever”? Or is it a very drastic way of replacing out?

Conceding early (aka D1-D3 or so) doesn’t say you’re a bad person or whatever, it just means, there is something wrong. Please let’s not witchhunt, but accept that people are misusing it, and how we can help them to do it less.


Also, I’m not 100% sure what’s the standard rules in FMs, but a “majority lynch/ending night when everyone sent in night action or gave his okay” could make days way quicker, if everyone is okay with it ending faster.

People concede early when they think the cannot win whatsoever. This can be considered gamethrowing sure. (I don’t agree with this).

On the flip side people may be angry for scum drawing the game out even if they’ve been caught.

I don’t really know if there is a solution for this.


Being “caught” doesn’t mean tho that you’ll be exed or killed for sure, there is almost always a way out of it again.

Also, having to keep playing after being outted can be really frustrating/emotionally stressful because some players have a tendency to be like ‘shut up scum no one cares about what you say’ and whatnot.


Better to just concede and save yourself the emotional stress.


I mean… going afk for some hours is okay. Sometimes it even leads to town forgetting you and letting you alive (aka Solic in SFoL 53)

Conceding in ToL is not allowed because it is turbo.
I don’t want to have to be going for hours on end fighting for something that I know will fail.

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Just to explain the tol version, its not because its turbo. It is because everything is considered Gamethrowing which is “going intentionally against your (current) win condition”.

Like idk if theres no hope or Wim or to much stress why force a player to stay alive when the game ends with them. The thing is it’s a bit more tricky in FOl as in mountainous games like Marson theres 2 factions and if one gives up the other wins. It really doesnt impact game that much win con wise, but for FOL there are some neuts. Neuts could get their time cut short or theres a wincon like fool, sellsword, or warlock that require main faction not to give up. I dont see it as gamethrowing if the town consensus is that you the guy getting hanged and your scumbud, but it’s a weird rule to enforce in FOL with its evil neuts

is this going to be a part 2 of that thread?

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I posted daily a healthy amount. Hardly a slanker.

Why is this play referenced so much

If conceding is every removed I will always dodge setups that state that or just blatantly /out or completely avoid the thread all together in the event I do want to concede.
Removing the ability to concede is tremendously bad.

It’s not gamethrowing at all. It’s called knowing when to give up. Some things just can’t be won and aren’t worth the time.
I fully believe the reason that conceding is not an option in ToL is due to it being a turbo.
If it is banned under gamethrowing then it is either

  1. The wrong reason of why it should be banned
  2. The right reason in the wrong category

It should be banned as it is perfectly reasonable to expect someone to dedicate 5~ minutes while the game solves.

It is absolutely not reasonable to expect someone to dedicate DAYS towards something while the game has already been solved.

Working towards reducing the concede rate is completely fine: I’m actually all for it.

The reason for this is that the only way you reduce concede rates is by having people improve their game which is always positive.

Working towards the removal of the function to concede is absolutely ridiculous and should never even be considered in forum matches that have one phase longer than 24 hours.

The reason for this is that you are not only putting emotional stress onto them (which lasts much less and has a much less chance to build to a severe rate) you are also causing them to feel the need to waste their time, impacting their life and potentially stopping social situations like ect. at a dinner table or even influencing them to decline social invites. You also make the player feel extremely bored and potentially not wanting to participate in future games.


Looking on this I’m just going to slide this link here as well


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Actually, now I look on it is it actually considered gamethrowing if you would be able to concede in a turbo match?
That’s actually a hard placement to place a rule. It’s probably the closest thing to it but it’s definitely not accurate.

Priestess, do you have a link to ToL rules?

Conceding Early isn’t possible in D1-D3 I don’t believe

And if it is, you’re wrong.

There have been 2 recent games with concedes before D3.