Completely remove Pretender or a overhaul with new objective

the title reads what needs to be done.


Suggest a rework then.
Or a replacement.

just make it into a new class or remove it

you can’t balance pretender with it’s current objective.

Yes you can.

No. It’s objective is busted in the first place

It’s a death immune princess with a terrible objective need I say more?

Ok, remove the Princess part from it then.

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no it would still be a boring horriblely made class.


give it, at most, inq/scorned-style death immunity

This sucks no thanks

Thanks for the feedback.

But as provided, you can actually rework the Pretender into something while keeping the wincon.

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You can balance anything. The question is if it would even be fun if balanced in the first place.

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I don’t mind Pretender as is

Then you enjoy suffering

Pretender why it’s terrible.

-Objective is based on killing king it’s just unfun for king because most games you have to let pretender to kill you or your “EK”
-It’s a boring class that’s a death immune princess
-Objective is supper bastard and requires bd to either like you and requires people not to protect the king randomly.
-Neutrals can already step up to be king and I feel like that’s way better then one neutral that needs to be king to win.

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idek anymore.

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I like it apart from the king thing

a class needing the starting King dead isn’t problematic.