Complete Fool Rework(removes exe for win)

The Fool
Neutral Social

The Last Laugh:
When revenge is used in the day, If you are attacked you will become death immune. And attack the player currently selected with Revenge.
Passive lost when attacked. Includes Prince’s exe(for now)

Day Ability
Revenge - Choose what player you attack when “The Last Laugh” is activated bypasses death immunity(3x)

Trollbox - Make it look like target player says something. They will not see the message.

Night Ability:
Theft - If you correctly guess a players class you will appear as the others faction and class you will be granted their logs, you will swap passives. when theft is used again you will swap from this selected class, not fool - (2x)

e.g if you first disguise from fool to drunk(fool > drunk) and if you use the ability again to swap to outed assassin (fool(drunk) > assassin)

Cannot gain passives from killers, special or Neutrals, though you will still appear as them if investigated. There is no message upon success, but a message will appear on failure to guess the player’s class

Fireworks - Occupy a player tonight. They will not be able to use their ability tonight.(3x)
Win Condition: kill a player who attacked you

I saw this

Was like “oh wow a Fool rework I can’t wait to read it and see if I can improve it or if it’s already great!”

And then the yellow destroyed my eyeballs

Please fix

This is 100X better than fool

which isn’t saying much, as fool rounds to 0

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large negative numbers don’t round to zero

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Sorry, my calculator must be broken then.

It doesn’t take wingdings as a number, so it rounded to 0.