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Community Table: Thoughts on Moderation? We invite your feedback!


It’s long to someone playing many hours a day like I was.

They do not want people to get offended by the offensive joke.

And it was supposed to teach you a lesson.

Both of which could’ve been accomplished with a warning, as I said.



Don’t do it



Calling yourself “Heil Hitler” merits a 3 day ban imo.




considered baity/toxic? But we can’t really issue suspensions for this (it would just cause more reports and too difficult to moderate), so what, as a community, would you suggest for this?


Personally no unless it broke another rule.


As we sometimes see on #justice, there have been some users who have been suspended, but other people that use imgur screenshots of end game or what have you if applicable in order to use as evidence, you can see some people actually seem to be baiting. It will as you said Blade, be impossible to suspend everyone and does not go against the rules as such. As Cheesy said, it’s better for no punishment unless they have done something that breaks another rule.

Another thing, wait if it is genuine and it isn’t baiting? IT’s hard to determine if this is the case or not, so they would most likely be found innocent since everyone could say that they had no intention to bait and say it was an honest mistake.


Remove moderation ittiarlly seeing as though no one is doing a good job at its


Wow what helpful and constructive feedback lol


It is sarcasm…,


That’s why I responded with sarcasm and a “lol” rather than flagging your post :+1:

As the mods can tell you, I do like me some flags


He really does


Patterns and history~ makes it easy to tell.