Community Suggestion

I think it’s pretty agreed around the board (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that this community could use with a tad bit more members.
I’m planning on hosting a 36 player SFoL but I worry that creating so much classes and then it being canned not due to lack of interest but lack of players is a high probability.
WoW:BfA had a hard time launching.

Would it be best if, for the fifth annual Newbie NFoL5, we did something special to attract new players?
Just a suggestion. Feel free to leave your thoughts here.


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I’ll also he happy to host the next NFoL5

As opposed to last NFoL5?

Whatever the next NFoL to be queued is.
Last one I remember is 4

What the fuck is a veteran lounge

It’s a category of threads restricted to Forum Veterans.
It’s not had any posts since the one I made for like 2 years.