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[Community] Screenshot Winners (+Continuous!)


The Contest

Last week, I asked users in Discord (via #community) to gather screenshots to update our old, crusty ones on the store page. I said I would give 1 FREE game key per screenshot we used for either the store or Wikia as an official screenshot. Well, we have some winners!

These are some pretty easy friend keys to come by, by simply playing the game ;D

This contest is continuous until I ask it to be stopped: Scroll to the BOTTOM to see what I’m now specifically looking for!

Winners : Store

These will most likely be flagship: (Gallery)

  • Good Neighbor
  • buddythedog25 x2
  • Apostle x3
  • Skarox
  • Harmony
  • Mephaesto
  • StoneAgeRubble (he doesn’t even know he entered :P)
  • SurrenderMaine
  • Hydroculius

Winners : Wikia (Rooms)

Our Wikia still had some content from alpha. Gross. Time to upgrade. There were some people from above, too: (Gallery)

  • Harmony x4
  • Good Neighbor
  • Ionnier
  • Apostle x2
  • DMS405
  • buddythedog25
  • Mephaesto
  • Merc Central
  • xCloddy
  • Neclord
  • SurrenderMaine
  • Hydroculius

Contest == STILL GOING!

I’m still missing specific stuff!

  • Court Wizard Room, hovering over ability description
  • Reaper Room, hovering over ability description
  • Throne room with 10~14 people (at least 2 dead), the camera facing the throne at either 9 o’clock or 3 o’clock at an angle. There must be a King. Wait til AFTER Snowcrest is over for this. Bonus points if someone’s doing a hand gesture like talking or using an emote.
  • The King is accused of Treason, hovering over the Execute button when Snowcrest is over. He MUST be making some sort of emote like gestures from talking to defend himself.
  • Cult room with 4 people – with no 2 armor the same. Interesting chat. Hovering over ability description.
  • …I’m probably missing other cool ones or rooms. Surely rooms. I’ll make a new request list later.


Don’t forget, there are specific requirements:

  • 1920x1080p resolution (Please don’t upscale/stretch)
  • Max gfx
  • Either 30 or 60+ FPS or turn off FPS completely (options).
  • When possible, hover over an ability icon to show the description in most screenshots.
  • Currently looking for non-Snowcrest themes for individual rooms.
  • Chat must be clean and interesting.

What do I get again?

1x free key per screenshot. You can enter more than once! If you forgot about your friends during the holidays, it’s a perfect opportunity to toss a key their way.

Where do I post this? @ #tol-pics-memes , then @tag me in the same post.