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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


Because Its more fun


What if acting just powers up your abilities for that night a bit. Like a normally random ability might become targeted that night


If kitten dies some event related to posting prob


This is good idea,imagine having to AtE when you don’t want to


Meteoro restriction is that you need to reaction test everyone


For this I’m nerfing your character uncalled for blow



How strong is My char


by the way if you ask what my character does or how strong it is, this is going for everyone

I’m removing your character and getting someone else


Alexa play despacito


By the way all mechanics I’m saying are public mechanics so there’s no point in not saying them

Each person will have a Locked Ability, that’s unlocked if they act like their character for ONE day. After that they have it forever, however acting phases are every day cycle so if you mess up the first time you can try the second time.


this setup is getting good tbh


Also unrelated note @NuclearBurrito give me 2 hours and I’ll fill out it


Is It possible for acting like a character can incite gamethrowing?


I would never get that pass review so no


keep in mind that death events are not meant to be that game changing. They will relatively be at a small scale of game changing.


actually only certain people will have a death event.


Actually have to sadly scratch the death events. There’s a big flaw with them. Dammit


I’m just missing something needed here



Seeing all the previous posts:
We appreciate your effort, kitten


I want to scrap it again due to thinking I can do better. I want roles to be perfect