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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


I mean What were My abilities


Wow this brings back so much memory


wow people have so low standards for me

saying crazy is a understatement


Normal doctor then I was like

yeah this isn’t crazy enough which is why I scrapped it


I also had 2 neutrals when I scrapped it so I had to reroll as well and I’m very sad

Making MathBlade a neutral would have been fun


Litten, if you talk too much people will angleshoot this


Boss I’m very good at manipulating people into thinking something when I’m actually thinking of something else

Go ahead and angle shoot this and then I will laugh at you


Make solic gladiate random town at start of the day


also gtg


Solic has to choose the gladiator target imo


Firekitten-everyone is forced to make 100 posts a day (this is either post restriction or slankvig)


If Its post restriction it will be lylo next day


Mechanics I’m currently working on.

Giving everyone some fun Ability that is also a meme to them.

Making it so there are certain times in the day you must act like your character. These will be known as “Acting Phase” that will be on and off.

Making special events happen that relate to a player and it only happens when a person dies.

I don’t guarantee balance but I guarantee fun


by the way acting is totally optional:However if you do act you get a reward


this way people aren’t annoyed by having to act like a person if they don’t want to


(Please have them be minor rewards, so it’s more about memeing as other people rather than a focus when it comes to winning the game)


Like boom you get a 1-shot minor healing





Everyone Who doesnt act like their flavour become vanilla


I think I have to get Osie to review this

I think

and if that’s true I need to bring a speech as to why this is based more on fun balanced then competitive balanced