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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


weird it’s almost like someone thinks I wouldn’t give scum fake claims and make it so town have stronger/weaker roles that are very similar that will trick town and punish them for counter claiming


But didnt you just give us role list


roles aren’t Ai


probably not


Who will make “boss110” class card then if it’s not me :disappointed_relieved:




Get 22 people in my game


Will My class have ability to gamethrow


sorry I think people would consider that bastard

even so if I did give that a role I would make it Suicide N1


Also are there neuts


idk it depends on if I have to remove people or add people


You can make it lost wolf Cuz Its like town Who gamethrows


In my first edition before I scrapped it Zone was a lost wolf who needed to see town lose and their grudge die who was mafia


How is it possible that ppl dont want this to be bastard


What kind of feedback result will you use? Etc got roleblock, redirect




idk it depends on my mood


What was I in your first edition


I literally already gave you the playerlist


Will this game have crazy things like in trouble in CoI?