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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


Mr. Cat, I don’t feel so good.

Count me joining this one, I guess.


By the way I mean people as in flavor not sign ups


I feel bad for whoever rolls this


I feel bad for whoever rolls me.


Make My role bastard


plague memes will not die for a while yet


How do you fakeclaim here


I think that claiming flavor will be prohibited


But if you have to act like your flavour then it will Be obv
Also softs


For example if you say that youre ”the biggest Noob” We will all know youre solic


Fix it




If your game manager approves it.

That’s a question for him, not me.



New Mechanic I’m going to be making.

Upon a player death, something special will happen related to that player. You will have to wait to find out.


I’m also going to try to revamp my setup a little with more memes

it is a good setup rn

it’s just it’s not enough memes plus people abilties I have to loosely tie to a person character


What is My character


idk you have to find out


What about fakeclaiming


Wouldnt it just lead to auto CC


do you need a co-host?