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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


At least give me the ability to Ted Tonate someone during the day. That’s all I ask.


I won’t scout honor


What’s the scout law


idk I’m not a scout


I’m known for two things

Amazing night actions

and shitty day ones


I once again refer people to the off-site WWF game whereby I saved people 3 times in a row, but couldn’t read for shit


That being said, I did last-minute hammer the SK to save myself and win the game


Third time I got day vig before anyone else did in the game


I saved you N1 and you just had to fall over dead D2

Big sad

At least I made it so you didn’t die before Marl


it’s sad I was really excited as I was in a solving mood


Actually that game did have one thing I enjoyed as a concept, even though it did frustrate the hell out of me


What was it


Oh the no claiming thing


No flavour claiming as a host rule


A way to keep the fun of rolemadness whilst still relying on reads to lynch


I am amazing how dare thee xD



marl rolecard
dies n1 of the plague


Instead of modkill make it to where you’re modblocked if you don’t. That way it can be a strategic thing.


Give me the fluffposter one


I finished a rough draft of it and I love it