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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


That’s unfortunate.


One Shot Immune to everything mafia aligned lighting rod


When is that game getting a v2 btw :eyes:


Reflexive converting selfish redirector mafia


Sometime after my hiatus.

I’m just here for the memes rn, not planning on making nor participating in anything.


you better play in my community mafia or else


Compulsive self-targeting vigilante


not with that attitude


Then leave it for after I don’t feel so burnt out :man_shrugging:


That’s not how adhd firekitten works


(inb4 FK makes this a bastard game and we’re all Hippolytus variants)


I get an energy boost to do things that interest me like this right now and I need to use all my energy making the game before it runs out


Well I mean, I’m worn out as of recent so I’m not joining anything.

But feel free to put me in as a rollable class if ya want.



I’m making a fun setup



No for Geyde, you’d have to write passionate poetry showing raw emotion when you get voted x amount of times. Or just randomly when you feel like it.


Closed setup 15 player game
12v3 mountainous


Or when I get caught as scum.


I might make Solic a person who can’t UNVOTE after voting and call it death tunnel :upside_down_face:


He gladiates the person he votes


I envisioned more of a gladiator type, but that’d work.