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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


/ita smalltank



that’s a nightmare to balance

don’t worry though

A lot of mechanics are open anyway and will be announced. You will be busy with mechanics anyway


An example of an open mechanic

There’s 3 neighborhood chats and that’s not even counting mafia chats


question: will the bastard mechanics include randing me IC so I only have to play for one day before I’m nightkilled?


there are no bastard mechanics

do you want some :smirk_cat:


Oh god, we already played at this in the Random game from Mercenary.


Not really, I’m now just trying to setup speculate who would make a good IC


Mafia matchmaker slanked to death.


By the way the neighborhood chats are called council of idiots special connections and moderator chat


I’m a scum role in your game aren’t I? :thinking:


okay so Squid/Solic/Geyde/Eevee are in Modchat, Team Somewhat Polish are probably Special Connections, and the council of idiots is whoever was in that thing

There’s two overlaps there- You and Eevee, so I imagine for symmetery’s sake Litten/Eevee will contain at least one wolf.


It’s funny cause someone is expecting to out guess the mod when I’m the one designing this setup


Also roles were Rand’d a long time ago, I basically balanced abilities around it

Meaning there can literally be zero wolves in a neighborhood or it’s filled with wolves


yes, but I think I am right that Special Connections is probably Team Somewhat Polish minus SmartBomb



Ici rn



Fun fact I know who the girl on the meme is
Not personally obviously