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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not





Don’t mind me


We are all soldiers now.




fun requires balance
if there were no balance whatsoever, it would not be fun.
imagining hosting the following:
however many players join, you randomly select roles from all of the mafia wiki and all 3 of our GI threads. No wisom of the mod at all, what the mod rolls gets chosen.
sure, you could have a fun time, but its just as likely that each individual person hates every one else, except for 3 town that dont hate eachother (and you’re one of the town) or that most are variations of Vanilla roles, except for one cannot-be-blocked-kill-everyone person and either that person or nobody wins by day 1


now, thats an extreme, but the point applies


Its fun because of chaos


so you think it would be fun for the game to end n1 with nothing on your part a good bit of the time?


It would you just dont enter that game with competetive mindset


We have GI turbo’s for pure chaos.


smh nobody listens to me when I whine about hosting regular Cop9 turbos


To be honest, real fun is just a mash with mostly balanced roles but just enough innovative mechanics and fun stuff (like making the Mafia consist of a 8-man secret hydra and 3 other members, or IN THREAD ATTACKS BOOOOOOOOIIIII-). It just has to be balanced enough for both sides to be able to win in that case.


Alright icibalus, that’s what I’m striving for


There are ITAs and the players don’t know that. The first one is always a 100%. The second+ are 0%.


I’d like one rare bastard community mafia with a side order of fries

Glass of port on the side, cheers


I’ll take ketchup with that!


I did it

I simplified classes and added mechanics





is back folks


Please have events


events such as smalltank, smalltank and smalltank?