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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


there’s already one
that’s way too long
what about 1-year FM


1-second fm.

Pff town lost.


1-minute FM


considerating the medium game length to be 5 days
and daytime as the double of nighttime
Then each day would last 8 seconds
and each night 4 seconds


I wouldn’t want to be the host of that game.

lul inactivity prods IT’S BEEN 4 SECONDS!!


15 minutes mafia, where each day lasts 1 minute and each night 30 seconds?


Reminds me of when my wincon was to “get the game canned”
and I did it because we ended up with 24-hour nights in a turbo and Marl closed it for being illegal


That already happened that one time


How were you trying to make it canned


by inactivity


One last vote. Right now, we have a bunch of mechanics and abilties. However, it may be VERY unbalanced. Thoughts on doing this

  • Giving each player one Ability to reduce chaos and make it more balanced. However make this ability really useful/interesting.
  • Keep it the same to cause chaos

0 voters


Balance > Fun.

Eh that doesn’t sound right, but it’s my opinion. :smile:




but what if

I made it a balanced fun

Where everyone has abilties but they aren’t like 2-4 abilties on a single class, but there’s also weird mechanics that make it fun


I may or may not be worried about getting this past ossie


I feel like with you as the designer there will automatically be enough chaos. :thinking:


see I’m having a problem where there may be too
much chaos right now and I’m scared if I go anywhere near ossie this is going to be their face



There can never be too much chaos


Balance = Fun


Not true