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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


Does this mean you aren’t using the flavor names you said earlier or that the flavors wont be tied to a faction?


I’m going to go out and put as many names as I remember into a document RNG it and that’s what I’m using. Flavor is still not AI


Progress Update:This run is going smooth, everything is going to be perfect


By the way, I may need a mod to help co host this as well




Meh it should be fine either way




Alright Geyde you can help


all game roles are completely done

I’m currently working on balancing it with Geyde and Simon. This game will likely not even run in April, due to me hosting Luigi mansion.



  • I’m joining this
  • I’m not joining this

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I need everyone to vote on this


so Ik how to balance it


You will run it only in April or so right?


April-May-Latest june is when it would start


Probably may mid may


That’s such a long term commitment. :upside_down_face:


That’s actually longer than my VC game


no no no it’s not running for three months the start date is May/April/early June


shhhh we want 3-month FM


5 years fm