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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


I’m not going to scrap it though I’m going to modify a lot of classes


Not scrapping it I’m improving it

please note that not at classes can be perfect but a lot of them are fantastic and much better then vanilla


Simon is now a co host


Top 10


The sarcasm is with thee.


Especially since I almost never rand Neutral :stuck_out_tongue:


Balance Schalance

This game is clearly meant for the fun not the wins :slight_smile: Although when both happen it is nice


yeah but I have to get this reviewed by Osie

Do you know how much speeches and brainwashing I need to do to get this passed


/vote Hjasik I have a purple check on you.


No clue who Osie is or what that means


don’t worry guys I will eventually get it passed


Nah, just throw me in

They’ll be too busy trying to lynch me so then there’s little time to review it


: (


imagine a person who is very good at looking at setups and seeing flaws with them


Wasn’t Eevee the one Who reviewed setups?


Eevee wants to play I guess


It’s okay <3 I was voting for a townie person :smiley: You’re purple and passed my reaction test


It’ll be a interesting Game then


Instead of death events there are now daily events that can randomly happen, based on a person character. Basically for example.

If Isaac was chosen for an event, he would make everyone say noob every 5 posts or something.

but more fun then that event I listed above


I have decided to actually randomize flavors again. Mafia can keep their original flavor and claim it or claim a flavor not being used. This way no one knows who’s in the game.

I’m doing this because I’m retrying this again. This time, I’m not scrapping it. Whatever happens happens.

I’m going to make this a good game