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Community Mafia Should it be majorly bastard or not


If I make community mafia should it be majorly bastard or not.

  • Majorly Bastard
  • Medium Bastard
  • Not Majorly Bastard (Slight Bastard Mechanics Maybe)

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No Simon, I’m not adding a third option


it could have a couple sizable bastard mechanics,
but i have a feeling that if we choose the first one it could have turbo GI levels of bastard


damn I thought you would have wanted a third option with no bastard mechanics


nah, just want to make sure where its at


huh. if you edit a post after initially posting it you’re allowed to quote the previous post


@geyde REEE VOTE


Is ITA as a mechanic based on rng bastard :^)


absolutely not wtf rng isn’t bastard





Pre-calc fried my brain


I’m thinking of good classes now


math is a cruel beast





I know a mechanic that will be public infomation if approved

  • Make it so the person has to act like their flavor name
  • Nah

0 voters


For example

If you roll firekitten you have two strikes before you get modkilled. You get a strike if you don’t post 100 messages each day cycle


You could just make them into passives, but have them be limited since flavor reasons.

Like for FK you would have to post 100 times per day.
For Geyde you would have to swear in every post when there are more than [x] votes on you. (AtE)


it’s either all or none

I’m guessing none


Oi, that AtE passive better go to myself and Squid too