[Co-designer seeking] [Discussion] [SFM] MCU FM

I have decided to go ahead and make my MCU mash idea. It will be a mash based around the Marvel Cinematic Universe and heavily foucsed on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame (although there may be characters from other MCU movies). I have a lot of ideas, but as this is my first time designing a setup I am looking for someone to help me out. I would want help with designing the setup/balance/running the game. I already have a lot of ideas to go off of. I plan to make it a high power rolemadness setup similar to LotR.

I don’t have a timeline that I’m shooting for yet so I’m in no rush to make it. If you’d be interested in helping out just let me know. Thanks!


I’d probably be interested in helping that, although know that I’m not an official reviewer, so it’d still need to be checked by one of those.

Highly interested @Apprentice
invite me to the cord pls

Don’t want to be a main co-designer but helping out here and there wuld be nice, if possible.

would be interested

(In co-designing, I love MCU)

I can invite you to the discord as well


thanks for all the interest guys!

sounds pog

having 3 co-designers is just going to be a mess though so ill play instead

can I spec the design process

I doubt I will be joining any mashes here any time soon

triple threat games are a maybe

if you want I can add you to the discord

yah sure

i’m not going to talk I just wanna watch

i could help you come up with ideas and be a good backboard, but fair warning i have 0 sense of balance

If you want I can add you. We have enough for design rn, but if you want to just watch/toss out ideas and don’t plan on playing then that’s fine

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its on MU
i dont plan on playing lol

wait i totally read that wrong


want me to add you?